Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Rampson Theory of Solar System Genesis - Part 3 - Here comes the Sun (and the wind)

Stoke the furnace

4.6 billion years ago, the star Sol (our Sun) started shining (through fusion).

The Sun
Once this fusion started, the "solar wind" also started. This "wind" (of charged particles), started "blowing" on (what was left of) the dust cloud. This is like taking a plate of bread crumbs and blowing on them - they go flying (away). If your little brother was sitting across from you when you did this - there would be crumbs all over his face.

A Little Brother
There were no little brothers at this time, but there was a Spider and a Rabbit. For billions of years, these binary twin stars were sucking in dust and blasting out "stuff" (pulsing/novas). With the solar wind now working, there's no need to suck - the dust gets "jammed" down your throat.

With all this extra "food", Rabbit gets fatter and fatter - and Spider gets less and less "reliable" as a pulsar (sputters?random direction pulses - not hitting Rabbit). Over the next 70,000 years, Rabbit grows to a size that is 50% bigger (more massive) than the Sun. That is way too big for any Rabbit - so he dies.

And so it begins . . .

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